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The app Soy Cappaz, developed by Fundación Gmp and Fundación MAPFRE is now available to be downloaded in any English or Spanish-speaking country according to the language of the device, regardless of the country it is accessed from.

“Soy Cappaz”, the app developed jointly between Fundación Gmp and Fundación MAPFRE that promotes independent living and facilitates access to the labor market for people with intellectual disabilities, can now be downloaded in any country in the world. With this achievement, the platform that was previously only available in Spain, Latin America and Europe will pave the way for millions of people to attain a higher level of independence in their living conditions and to break the barriers that hold back their integration into the labor market.

Available free of charge for Android devices through Google Play, it has been downloaded by around 3,000 users in Spain and Latin America. This figure is particularly significant, bearing in mind that the app is installed on smartphones used exclusively by people with intellectual disabilities. Their mediators, who are their natural supporters in the company and family members receive notifications related to the user’s activities by email.

The app features four practical and easy-to-use functions among which is “My Calendar”, that shows users their everyday tasks at home and work and allows people supporting them, family members, teachers, work mediators and others to activate and update it from any device.

It also includes “Where Am I?”, which contributes to allowing these people to move from place to place in a safer and more autonomous way thanks to it creating routes that guide the user on the best way to go.

The app also allows these people to access demonstration videos to explain how to perform different tasks, such as turning on a domestic appliance or printing a document (“My tasks”), as well as making phone calls to their immediate support group whenever they need help or else find themselves in an emergency situation.

In its initial phase “Soy Cappaz” benefited from the invaluable support of Plena Inclusión Madrid, Down España and Fundación Garrigou. Their expert perspective and technical advice provided during the development of the tool has turned it into a benchmark product for those with intellectual disabilities.